Notice: we are currently in beta development (i.e., we're new!), so if anything goes wrong, please email us so we can make it better.

Update: new market mechanisms are now in place. Top players now support the casino by stumping up for the casino's losses on the fruit machine. Players with bigger market shares (balance + current worth of owned stocks) pay more.

Hello, and welcome to fruitmarket, home of merriment, money, and mangos!

Young or old, rich or poor, all are invited to try their hand at making moolah on the market, or simply wile away an idle moment or two on the pleasantly addictive fruit machine game, and become the very commodity of the market itself. Whichever you're looking for, you're certain to have a good time.

fruitmarket is a deceptively simple concept with a single aim: make as much money as you can. It takes a fun little game (the fruit), and then allows players to invest in each other (the market). A knack for gambling and an intuition for stocks are two sides of the same coin. Of course, everyone wants a piece of the more successful players, but rising demand means rising share prices, so you'd better be sure to buy low and sell high...

To get started, just log in and choose either 'play' to play on the fruit machine, 'market' to see statistics about the whole market, 'player' to review your own statistics, and 'portfolio' to track your current investments.

You can get more information on how to play at our help page.

Players new to fruitmarket can register from the log-in page. Registration requires a valid email account. An email account can only register one player account.