about us

The originators, authors, and custodians of fruitmarket are Rowan and Drew; they're pleased to meet you. An undergraduate of Cambridge University and a professional, free-lance web developer, respectively, they both found themselves with several months of free time on their hands. Knowing that idle hands are the devil's playground, they were happy to be able to replace wasteful activities such as eating and sleeping with more productive ones such as discussing design proposals, carefully implementing clear, consistent specifications, and arguing about whose fault it was when nothing worked. The result, of course, was this game and/or interactive model, in all it's multifaceted glory.

We hope you like it.


A computer science student at one the world's most respected universities, Rowan has devoted a significant chunk of his life to learning (or, at least, being exposed to) large volumes of mathematics, logic, and other theory. Consequently, he has a relatively limited knowledge-base to draw on when it comes to actually doing real things. Rowan wrote everything to do with fruitmarket's site, from the design involving painfully convoluted CSS, through to the guts of the beast in the form of the PHP/MySQL back-end.

His personal site can be found at www.oforpertainingto.me.uk. Highlights include exciting software projects, amateurish 3d renders, and the world's least valid CSS.


Drew makes his living working as a website developer for companies who sub-contract the web dev work of the rich and famous to people who don't charge a lot. He is staunchly opposed to fruit as a foodstuff, most particularly so in the morning. Despite being the artistic one in the duo, he is also the only one who knows anything about fiscal matters, and has been the driving force behind the creation and subsequent replacement of the various economic models fruitmarket has been based upon. He surprised everyone by being useful when he wrote the AJAXzz and regexes used throughout the site. He is also responsible for writing the fantastic Flash fruitmachine game. And extensively 'testing' it, to the point of displaying symptoms of addiction.

Though sites he has made litter the web, his very own site is sitting pretty at uoou.info, a repository for toy projects, acorns which talk, and even less content than Rowan's site.


If you'd like get in touch with the above dubious characters, feel free to email. Note that comments, suggestions, problems, and unadulterated praise are all welcome, but that the latter is preferred.